GraphQL is a query language for the BirdDog API. GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data, and gives you the power to ask for exactly what you need and nothing more.

In version 14.0, we've added GraphiQL to enable you to easily see what is available in the API via online documentation and write queries with auto-complete that can be executed in real-time.

The GraphQL API end point can be reached at

The API supports basic authentication.

Our current implementation of GraphQL supports objects such as Items, Customers, and Orders. This API is set on top of our roles-based security system so not all queries are available to all users and some API endpoints will return less data depending on the roles you have.

A simple query to return a list of items would look like this:

query {
  itemSearch(text: "test") {

Note that this GraphQL query is hitting the itemSearch endpoint, passing in the search parameter "test", and requesting that the columns itemNo and descriptionCalculated be returned.

As noted by the Global Settings | Security page, for stock status to be shown publicly via graphQL queries and cXML, the available locations must be added to the list; if a location is not on this list, it will not be returned.

Explore the GraphiQL IDE to see all that is available!

The GraphiQL integrated development environment can be reached at