Note that as of version 14.0 the REST API has been depracted and replaced with our GraphQL API.


BirdDog Software Enterprise provides a REST API for many of its available functions. To use the API you must have the Enterprise website installed and configured.

Configure one or more users with API access

The BirdDog Software REST API requires that you connect with a BirdDog Enterprise user. Instead of using a name and password, however, it uses an application key for authentication and authorization. This API key is assigned or generated according to the steps below:

  • User Type is set to Employee
  • API Key has been assigned
    • System Management>Users
    • Search for the user and click edit
    • Click Generate next to the API key property
    • Click Save
  • The user has the appropriate permissions to use the specific API call, if no specific permissions are specified by the API then the Employee role is required

Test the API

  1. Go to /swagger on your website (ie.
  2. Click Authorize, enter your API key, and click close.
  3. Click on Get /customers
  4. Click Try it out
  5. Type in an existing customer number
  6. Click Execute
  7. Notice that you get an example of how to make the call using curl and the appropriate JSON response