How It Works


The Wishlist functionality allows a customer to do a couple of things.

Adding An Item To Their Wishlist

When viewing an item, the customer will see an option to Add to wishlist. Simply clicking on the button will add this item to the Main list (which is the default one), but by clicking on the arrow to the right, the customer can add to a different list or even create a new one on the fly.

Regardless, when the item has been added to the list, we immediately show a link to that list; alternately, the customer can reach the lists by navigating to Account | Advanced Account Features | Wish Lists.

Reviewing A Wishlist

Below is what a Wish List will look like when a couple of items have been populated on it.

Here, you can do the following:

  • Change the Name of your wish list.
  • Add an Item to the list without having to visit the item itself. This is actually a type-ahead search, so a customer could input the item number (if known) or a description; in the above image example, typing cable in the Item No field would show both Cable 71 and Cable - 70 Short, as well as any other Cable items in the system so you could select the one wanted.
  • Share a Wish List via email address. You can use multiple email addresses by separating the emails with a comma. So, for example, if you want to share with Jack and Jill, you could plugin:,
  • Add an item on a list to the cart; by default, if you do this and buy that item, the system will remove that item from the wish list.

Internally, the system monitors these lists and will send emails to a customer if:

  • An item that is Out Of Stock (as with Cable - 70 Short above, for example) is restocked.
  • The price of an item on a wish list changes.