Setting Up Wishlists


Configuration Guide

To get Wishlists setup and running properly, you will need to perform the following actions:

  1. Setup your Site Settings, Part 1
  2. Setup Emails
  3. Complete your Site Settings
  4. Setup a job to automate emails as noted above

Setup your Site Settings, Part 1

As long as you are licensed for Ecommerce, you can use Wishlists on your site. However, we need to enable this functionality first.

  1. Navigate to System Management | Site Settings
  2. Click on Ecommerce
  3. Click on Wish Lists sub-tab
  4. Click on Enable Wish Lists
  5. There are three Email Templates for you to select and you can select the default templates that we have for Price Change Notification Emails, Back in Stock Notification Emails, and Share Emails.
  6. Save and reload site settings.

Setup your Emails

To add or edit email templates, we do this:

  1. Navigate System Management | System | Email Templates
  2. As noted above, there are three default templates in our system, but you can easily adjust them to fit your requirements or create brand new templates.
    1. All three email templates need to set to Object Type of Order.
    2. The Price Change Notification Email is used for when the price of an item on a customer's wish list changes and the job (see below) is running.
    3. The Back in Stock Notification Email is pretty self-explanatory; customers with an item on their wishlist that is restocked will receive an email informing them of this.
    4. Share Emails is how a customer can share their wishlist to others.

Setup your Site Settings, Part 2

If necessary, navigate back to System Management | Site Settings | Ecommerce and select the edited or new email templates, then save and reload site settings.

Create the Job

To ensure BirdDog sends the above emails:

  1. Go to System Management | Automation | Jobs
  2. Click on the Add Job button
  3. Select Process Wish Lists in the Job dropdown list and click on Add Job.
  4. Follow the instructions and populate the service data accordingly.
  5. Click on Edit Job Schedule button to schedule the job according to how frequently you want it to run (for example, every hour or at a certain time each day.)
  6. Save.