Using Invoicing


Once your configuration is complete, the use of invoicing is actually quite easy and have the below steps. Note that, if you are using Avalara AvaTax and have correctly set it up, utilization of the following procedure is required for the system to correctly apply tax to orders which it will do without additional steps.

  1. Select Orders in Macola using your normal procedure.
  2. Process Invoices using Enterprise for Windows. In a normal invoicing procedure using Macola, this is the "Print Orders" step.
    • This will bring up a screen that will allow you to narrow down your selection options for any orders to be printed. In most cases, you can simply click Print and it will process all Orders that have been Selected and are ready to go.
      • The dialog has the following options
        • Starting Order No. - First Order number in range to select (normally All)
        • Ending Order No. - Last Order number in range to select
        • Starting Customer No. - First Customer Order nubmer in range to select (normally All)
        • Ending Customer No. - Last Customer number in range to select
        • Invoice Date - Date to use for the Invoice 
        • Printer - Printer to print to
        • Print Duplicates - If this is checked, Printed Invoices that have not been posted will print again
        • Sort Order - This allows you to choose how your print outs are sorted.
      • When using Avalara to calculate your tax, whenever you print invoices, the system recalculates the tax from Avalara and 'saves' that to Avalara. If you select 'no' to the 'Did the invoices print correctly?' dialog that appears once complete, then that value is no longer relevant and the next time you print that invoice, it will save that tax total to Avalara once again.
    • Once all appropriate orders are Printed, a dialog will appear asking if the invoices printed correctly. When you click Yes, the system will then update the orders inside Macola and they are ready for the next step.
  3. Post your Invoices in Macola using your normal procedure.
    • If using our software instead, you can do this using Enterprise for Windows | Transactions | Invoicing | Post Invoices:
  4. Commit Taxes - Finally, at the end of day, or other time you so choose to use, use the 'Commit Taxes' and this will 'commit' the posted taxes at Avalara, finalizing their state at Avalara. 
    • You will note in the above screengrab, there is also an option for Post Sales Taxes. Posting happens automatically during the Process Invoices step so you should not need to select this. However, we have this option here for unusual circumstances or if something goes wrong.