Syncing - How to Manually Push


This is for synced sites only.

You've added or made a change to an Order Rule.  However, the change is not syncing up right away to your live site.  That's because the tables for Order Rules are set to sync during the "All Tables" sync job which most people have set to run once a night.  If you need the Order Rule to sync right away, you can do it manually using Enterprise for Windows.  Follow these steps:

Using Enterprise for Windows

Go to Processes > Syncing > Dashboard

In the "Select Tables" section (left side of screen), select (check) only these tables

  • BDOrderRules
  • BDOrderRuleTriggers
  • BDOrderRuleResults

In the "Select Actions" section (right side of screen), select (check) this action

  • Upload LOCAL changes to remote

Click "Perform Actions"

That should do it.