Enterprise User Customer Screen

Enterprise User Customer Screen 

The panel has the following options:

  • Customer Name - Customer name to search for.
  • Customer Number - Customer number to search for.
  • Find Customers - Click to search for customers meeting search criteria entered in Customer Name or Customer Number fields.
  • Available Customers - List of customers not previously assigned to an Enterprise user.
  • Add - Highlight customer in Available Customers list and press to assign customer to User
  • Remove - Highlight customer in Current User's Customers list and press to remove customer from User.
  • Current User's Customers - Customers currently assigned to User.
Enterprise User Roles Screen

Enterprise User Roles Screen

The panel displays Roles that have been set up in the system. How to set up Roles.

The panel has the following options:

  • Add>> - Highlight role and click to assign the role to the user.
  • Remove - Highlight role in Current User Roles list and click to remove role from user.

An Enterprise user must have a role of Employee.

Enterprise User Fields Screen

Enterprise User Fields Screen

The panel has these options.

  • Add - Click Add to add a user field.
Enterprise User Activity Screen

Enterprise User Activity Screen 

The panel has the following options:

  • Start Date - Starting date of activities to display
  • End Date - Ending date of activities to display.
  • Refresh - Refresh display after any changes.
Enterprise User Carts Screen

Enterprise User Carts Screen

The panel has the following options:

  • Start Date - Starting date for user cart activity to display
  • End Date - Ending date for user cart activity to display
  • Refresh - Refresh cart listing after changes
Password Reset

When a user can't remember their password they need to go through the password reset process by going to the login page and clicking the Forgot Password link. The system will send the user an email using the email template from Site Settings>Email Templates>Lost Password. The user will have one hour to reset the password before the link will expire.

User Management

Go to Dashboard | Systems Management | Users

Enterprise User List Screen

This screen has the following options:

  • Search for User - Type in any part of the Name or Email address and click the Search button.
  • Add New User - Click to Add a new User (always check to make sure the user isn't already in the system).
  • Select User - Click to edit an existing User.

Clicking Add User or Select User on brings up the following screen.

Enterprise User Information Screen

The screen has the following options.

  • Save - Save User record.
  • Cancel - Cancel User maintenance.  All changes will be lost.
  • First Name - User first name.
  • Middle Name - User middle name. (Optional)
  • Last Name - User last name.
  • Email - User email address.  This will be the user login.
  • Title - User title.
  • Phone/Ext - User phone and extension if applicable.
  • Section - Used to assign a specific Layout and Theme to this User.  Go here for more information on Sections.
  • Require Password Change - Check if you want to set up an initial password then have the user change it the first time they log in.
  • Password - Enter user password.
  • Confirm Password - Re-enter user password.
  • Email Password - Send user assigned password via email.
  • Reset Password - Reset user password.
  • User Type - Choices include:
    • Customer
    • Rep
    • Employee - All Enterprise users need a User Type of Employee and a Role of Employee.
  • Salesperson - Select users salesperson.
  • Email Format - Select format emails will be sent in: HTML or Plain Text.

Before you enter anything in the password fields, complete the rest of the information ON ALL TABS.  Return to the password fields and enter them just before you save the user.