If the Service won't start:

Check Windows Event Viewer for logging relating to the attempted start of the Service. In some cases, a failure to start can be the result of missing DLLs in the installer MSI, and a re-install from the ZIP may fix the problem. Also, the BirdDogSoftware.JobMaster.exe file may need to be "run as administrator"; view Properties on the file, and under the Compatibility tab, select "Run this program as an administrator" if available.

If there is no heartbeat:

Check Properties on the BirdDogSoftware.Jobs.exe file for an "Unblock" option, and if present, unblock the file. Sometimes the installation/update can be corrupted in the process of copying over the ZIP file via Windows; in this case, the files must be compressed in a format other than "ZIP" and reinstalled (most often, this is done by adding the files to a new archive as a RAR-based EXE-type archive).

If jobs aren't running:

Check error log files, in the installation directory, for relevant errors. Such a failure is normally the result of improper configuration, or problems relating to the login used by the Service.