Upgrade Notes

  • ECommerce
    • All Master pages require a ScriptManager control (see Alpha.Master as an example)
    • The StaticCategory control has been removed...convert to the StaticCategory property on the Page directive
    • Merchandise has become Categories19
    • Merchandise2 has become Categories20
    • BillTo.aspx changed significantly
    • Any Pages that uses Default as the Layout needs to have the layout changed to another layout (Home1, Home2, or any custom layout).  Otherwise the site will go into an infinite loop on startup.
    • Due to changes in the handling of Sales Tax, any taxable Customer that is in a taxable Country / State | Province will need to have its' Tax Code / Schedule updated to the correct Tax Code / Schedule. Previous versions defaulted new Customers to a non taxable Tax Code / Schedule...these Customers will need to be updated.
    • Handling of showing Logged In / Logged out has been changed on /UserControls/uc_Login.ascx...review stock uc_Login for changes.
    • Item Search now uses SQL Full Text Search - Make sure it is installed
    • Run the following query to setup search for version 8. 
      EXEC sp_fulltext_database 'enable'
      DECLARE @SQL varchar(2000)
      DECLARE @DataBaseName varchar(100)
      set @DataBaseName  = (SELECT DB_NAME() as dbname)
      set @SQL = 'DROP FULLTEXT CATALOG ['+ @DataBaseName +'FullText]'
      EXEC  (@SQL)
      set @SQL = 'CREATE FULLTEXT CATALOG ['+ @DataBaseName +'FullText] AS DEFAULT'
      EXEC  (@SQL)
      DECLARE @BDWebCategoriesKey varchar(100)
      DECLARE @BDItems25Key varchar(100)
      SET @BDWebCategoriesKey  = (SELECT name FROM sysobjects with (nolock)  WHERE parent_obj = (SELECT id FROM sysobjects WHERE Name='BDWebCategories') AND xtype='PK')
      SET @BDItems25Key  = (SELECT name FROM sysobjects with (nolock)  WHERE parent_obj = (SELECT id FROM sysobjects WHERE Name='BDItems25') AND xtype='PK')
      set @SQL = 'CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON BDWebCategories (Description,LongDescription,PageTitle,MetaDescription,MetaKeywords,SubTitle,MediumDescription) KEY INDEX ' + @BDWebCategoriesKey
      EXEC  (@SQL)
      set @SQL = 'CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON BDItems25(Item_No,ShortDescription,LongDescription,MetaDescription,MetaKeywords) KEY INDEX ' + @BDItems25Key
      EXEC  (@SQL)
      alter table IMItmIdx_Sql drop constraint pk_imitmidx_sql  
      CREATE UNIQUE INDEX pk_imitmidx_sql on IMItmIdx_Sql(Item_No)
      CREATE FULLTEXT INDEX ON IMItmIdx_Sql(Item_No,Item_Desc_1, Item_Desc_2) KEY INDEX pk_imitmidx_sql
  • Distribution System
    • Format for UPS / Fedex User Name passwords have changed.  Fixing for 8.0 site or later will break 7.5 site or earlier.