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  • Version 14

    Developed 2021; 14.x has identical system requirements to 14.x. This point increase (v13 to v14) was caused by schema changes required to implement the QuickBooks Desktop connector in BirdDog Engine. For other engines this is a minor point release for 13.
  • Version 13

    Developed 2021; 13.x has identical system requirements to 12.x. This point increase (v12 to v13) was caused by schema changes required to implement the Epicor connector. For other engines this is a minor point release to 12.1.
  • Version 12

    Developed 2021; 12.x has identical system requirements to 11.x. This point increase (v11 to v12) was caused by an improvement to the Sage 100 connector that added the upload of posted Invoices from Sage to BirdDog. This is basically a point release for 11 unless you are an SDK customer in which case there is the potential of breaking changes due to the those interface changes. SDK examples have been updated to accommodate this change.
  • Version 11

    Developed 2020; 11.x has identical system requirements to 10.x. The point increase was caused by major improvements to the Sage 100 and Service Pro connectors that require a data conversion. Review the release notes if you are running either of these connectors. For customers not running either of these, this is basically a minor point release to 10.x.
  • Version 10

    Developed 2020; in our continuing drive to be semver compliant (https://semver.org), we dropped to 3 build numbers (Major, Minor, Patch) when we incremented from 9.9.x.x. 10.x has identical system requirements to 9.9.x. The point increase was caused by an update to our connector sub-system that may cause some data to be reuploaded on the first run and we wanted our customers to be aware. Review the release notes to see if you are affected. For most customers this is basically a minor point release to 9.9.x.
  • Version 9.9

    Developed 2019; uses .Net 4.7.2.; massive updates to the BirdDog Connector Sub-System; added functionality for Avalara CertCapture as part of the Connector Sub-System.
  • Version 9.8

    Released 2015; uses .Net 4.5.1.; overhauled field system for major performance improvement; field imports on web; lots of new order rule results and triggers; new Drag and Drop interface for Web Category maintenance; moved from encrypted credit card numbers to aliases; redesign of password system to improve security; new credit card gateways (eBiz, WorldPay, and 3DSI); major improvements to sync system; added handling of accessorial charges in FedEx freight; implemented new BirdDog Connector Sub-System.
  • Version 9.7

    Released 2015, uses .Net 4.5.1., new gallery layout, enhance posting to handle Non Stocked / Controlled items, blogging enhancements, major enhancements to customer service.
  • Version 9.6

    Released 2014, entire system now uses .Net 4.0, Responsive Design, added Multiple Image support to Items, major Customer Service enhancements, Serial / Lot support.
  • Version 9.5

    Released 2013, new Order Entry screen, document management system, automated End of Day Close.
  • Version 9.1

    Released 2012, added Document Layouts, added support for Google Analytics Tracking Code to Support Display Advertising
  • Version 9.0

    Released 2011, new Sync system for hosted sites, major enhancements to eCommerce, cXML (new system for streamlining the integration process with other companies) implemented.
  • Version 8.0

    Released 2010, Job Master (Automation / Scheduling software) released, Enterprise for the web, major enhancements to eCommerce.
  • Version 7.5

    Released 2007, new site maintenance system, 64bit Operating System support, web-based maintenance screens, sales tax connector released with support for Avalara's AvaTax.
  • Version 7.0

    Released 2006, completely new Security model for eCommerce, new Audience system used to market different information to different markets or people groups using a single database, new Theme and Master Page system, major speed improvement for Customer Service module, major enhancements to Freight system.
  • Version 6.0

    Released 2005, Uses ASP.Net 2.0, Customer Service module released, Support for Google Analytics, New Freight System