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  • Version 9.9

    Developed 2019; uses .Net 4.7.2.; massive updates to the BirdDog Connector Sub-System; added functionality for Avalara CertCapture as part of the Connector Sub-System.
  • Version 9.8

    Released 2015; uses .Net 4.5.1.; overhauled field system for major performance improvement; field imports on web; lots of new order rule results and triggers; new Drag and Drop interface for Web Category maintenance; moved from encrypted credit card numbers to aliases; redesign of password system to improve security; new credit card gateways (eBiz, WorldPay, and 3DSI); major improvements to sync system; added handling of accessorial charges in FedEx freight; implemented new BirdDog Connector Sub-System.
  • Version 9.7

    Released 2015, uses .Net 4.5.1., new gallery layout, enhance posting to handle Non Stocked / Controlled items, blogging enhancements, major enhancements to customer service.
  • Version 9.6

    Released 2014, entire system now uses .Net 4.0, Responsive Design, added Multiple Image support to Items, major Customer Service enhancements, Serial / Lot support.
  • Version 9.5

    Released 2013, new Order Entry screen, document management system, automated End of Day Close.
  • Version 9.1

    Released 2012, added Document Layouts, added support for Google Analytics Tracking Code to Support Display Advertising
  • Version 9.0

    Released 2011, new Sync system for hosted sites, major enhancements to eCommerce, cXML (new system for streamlining the integration process with other companies) implemented.
  • Version 8.0

    Released 2010, Job Master (Automation / Scheduling software) released, Enterprise for the web, major enhancements to eCommerce.
  • Version 7.5

    Released 2007, new site maintenance system, 64bit Operating System support, web-based maintenance screens, sales tax connector released with support for Avalara's AvaTax.
  • Version 7.0

    Released 2006, completely new Security model for eCommerce, new Audience system used to market different information to different markets or people groups using a single database, new Theme and Master Page system, major speed improvement for Customer Service module, major enhancements to Freight system.
  • Version 6.0

    Released 2005, Uses ASP.Net 2.0, Customer Service module released, Support for Google Analytics, New Freight System