Version 7.5

Monday January 01 2007

  • eCommerce
    • New Site Maintenance System (End User control over most Web Site settings)
    • Enhanced Item Sort Order.  Now you can Sort than same Item differently for each Category.
    • Advanced Add – Now you can drag and drop items to multiple categories quickly and easily.
    • Ability to Export Account Detail to Excel.
    • Web Based Maintenance screens for Items, Web Categories, Customers, Customer Types, and Product Categories.
  • Distribution System
    • Sales Tax Connector released with support for Avalara's AvaTax
    • Implemented the LTL carrier Harte Hanks
  • CASH
    • Instance settings for easier maintenance in large installs
    • Access Control (Season Pass / Ticket entry)
  • Tools
    • Beta release of Excel Order Import
  • Beta release of JobMaster
  • Beta release of Enterprise
    • PCI Compliance for Credit Card Deluxe
    • Role based security for menu items
  • Beta release of Dealer
  • All
    • 64bit Operating System support