Version 9.0

Saturday January 01 2011


  • Ecommerce
    • Significant increases in Configurability!
    • Added ability to choose between Single Page and Multi Page checkout in Site Settings
    • Added Kiosk mode for on-site self service sales and event registration
    • Added support for allowing Mail in Checks for Ecommerce Orders
    • Added support for PayPal
    • Lots of enhancements to the Guest Checkout process
    • Added ability to edit all out bound emails using new Email Templates
    • Added new Drop Ship system
    • Enhanced new User procoess to better handle existing email addresses
    • Improved the flow of Required Password change on login
    • Event Registration System - Rules based system for selling event tickets
    • New Sync system for hosted Sites
  • Customer Service
    • Added ability to Email Orders and Invoices using any of the new Email Templates
  • Sales Manager
    • Added new filters to Open Order Analysis
  • cXML - New system for streamlining the integration process with other companies...the 21st century replacment of EDI!
    • Added support for receiving Purchase Orders (OrderRequest)
    • Added support for performing Stock / PriceĀ Checks (StockCheckRequest)
    • Added support for Order Acknowledgements (ConfirmationRequest)
  • Freight
    • You can now calculate the Freight you charge your customers either from Freight List or Freight Cost
  • Job Master - tons of new Jobs...we'll be listing them here
  • Order Management - Rules based system for handling Orders going on Hold, Discounts, Coupons, Add-Ons and much, much more!

Minimum Requirements
The following system requirements are required for local (onsite, non synchronized) hosting.
Minimum Web Server Requirements
  • Windows 2005 Server
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2.4 GB Processor
  • .Net framework 2.0 
Web Server requires high-speed (100 mbs or greater) database connection to Macola server
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  • Distribution System
    • Picking System can now alert you if an Order doesn't rate or if the Order has zero weight Items on it.
    • Picking Ticket now displays a flag if an Item was Received today so that Pickers can pull from Receiving before the Items have been put away
    • Freight now quotes multiple Shipments per Order based upon Ship From Warehouse, Ship Date, Ship To, and Ship Via (the last two require Customer Service)
    • Converted to FedEx's new Web Services (Click to see how to obtain a new User Name / Password from Fed Ex)
    • Added support for Fed Ex Freight
  • Tools
  • Ecommerce
    • Multi - Category Menu
    • SalesTax Connector
    • Added support for Codes (Like Home, About Us, Products, etc.) to Categories.  They can be used almost anywhere a Category GUID was used before
    • Added support for undelete to Web Categories
    • Added concept of Featured Category with Start / End Date and Featured Picture, great for creating hot looking dynamic home pages!
    • Added new CategoryControl that allows for completely dynamic layouts, including the Main and Footer Navigation menus
    • Added ability to view User activity, including pages viewed and shopping Carts.
    • Added ability to create new Users en masse based upon Customer records
    • Enhanced how Items are added to Web Categories with Advanced Add
    • Added support for Canonical Links to improve SEO
    • Different Sites can use different Ship Via Codes
    • Enhanced the way Sales Tax Codes / Schedules are assigned to the Order to better support existing Customers and International taxes
  • JobMaster - Automation / Scheduling software
    • FTP Folder Downloader - Great for automating Order Integrator solutions!
    • FTP Folder Uploader - Great for automating XML Invoicing solutions!
    • Sales Order Import (CSV, Excel and XML) - Completely automate the importing of electronic Sales Orders!
    • Delete expired Shopping Carts
    • Clear Saved Carts
    • Clear old Credit Card Transactions
    • Copy Directory
    • Export Google Product Update
    • Commit Sales Tax
    • Import Reported Production
    • Notify Missing Item Properties
  • Enterprise for the Web
Upgrade Notes
  • Ecommerce
    • Functionality of /Default.aspx has changed - make sure and upgrade to new version or you will get an infinite loop when going to the web site without a page
    • Check Out Process - All pages in the checkout process have been changed to a div based structure and corresponding classes have been added to themes
    • IOrder.OnHold is now Read Only, use OnHoldReasonAppend("My Reason")
    • "Place Order" button has changed to incorporate PayPal mechanics
    • Custom email is now handled through Enterprise; any custom email code has to be removed from the Checkout page(s)
    • "ShowPanel" and "Dialog" contentplaceholders are added to all masterpages; WebDialog controls should be moved to Dialog placeholders on-page
    • MainAJAX contentplaceholder added to all masterpages; move any pages you want to use Ajax into this panel
  • Enterprise
    • uc_BRAINNav.ascx and uc_CustomerServiceNav.ascx were renamed to uc_Nav.ascx.
    • "Dialog" placeholders are added to all masterpages; WebDialog controls should be moved to Dialog placeholders on-page
When upgrading from version 8.1 or earlier to version 9.0 or later, you may have Users that are of User Type "Rep".  This User Type is no longer supported.  In order to access these users in System Management | Users, you will first need to run the following query in your SQL database:
Update BDUsers
Set UserType = 0
Where UserType = 1
This will set all Users of type "Rep" to type "Contact".  If you want any of these Users to have access to any of the Enterprise modules, you will then need to go into System Management | Users and change their User Type from "Contact" to "User".  Next, go to the Roles tab and assign the particular roles that you want them to have.  Caution: User types of "User" count against your number of licensed users.