Version 9.1

Sunday January 01 2012

  • Ecommerce
    • Added Document Layouts
      • Richer descriptions for Page Layouts (Categories - CategoriesXX)
      • Protects from setting a layout to an invalid layout
      • Moves details (such as number of columns) off of the layout into user configurable settings
      • First work on rolling up search results for similiar items such as clothing where the items are basically the same except for size and / or color
    • Added Manage Credit Cards section to Account page
    • Added uc_RandomCategory control to enable making sections of the site generate from a random set of Sub Categories
    • Consolidated Order View screen that shows both Open Orders and Invoices
    • Added support for Google Analytics Tracking Code to Support Display Advertising (
  • Enterprise
    • No longer has a 20 minute timeout that forces a login (
  • Sales Analysis
    • Added Support for Roles and Permissions to all reports
  • Invoicing
    • Email Invoices and Shipment Confirmations converted to use Email Templates
  • Job Master
    • Added new Purge Table job for purging old records from Item Master, Item Location, Order Header, Order Lines and Page Hits (