Bug Fixes - Version 10.0.38 - Released 23 March 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
10123750 - All Orders Being Classified as Commercial When Sent to Worldship
We changed where we store the residential flag for customers and their ship tos, which had the result of causing trouble to customers using our shipping interface. This is not an issue with a brand new setup. However, existing customers will have to make edits to vShipping. This view is built to be edited by the customer and we don't want them to lose their changes so we can't drop it and recreate it. Consult the Upgrade Notes for 10.0 to bring your system up to date.
10796902 - Improve Entity Search
Several entity field types were not being looked at during an entity search, specifically Date, Entity Reference, Floating, and Integer.
11116820 - Quantity is Filling in as Email Address on Mobile Chrome
When using the Chrome browser on a mobile device, quantity was incorrectly populating using the email address on the checkout page instead of the actual quantity.
11375303 - Feature Option Not Calculating Freight
Feature option items weren't taking into account the weight of the components chosen when rating freight during checkout.
11752678 - Item Pricing Changes Not Pushing to Magento from Macola 10 without Database Manipulation
Changes made to item default pricing on M10 were not being pushed up to Magento when using the BirdDog Connector Sub-System unless you manually changed the assigned user defined field in the database.