Bug Fixes - Version 12.0.49 - Released 15 April 2021

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11835938 - Add Setting to Sage 100 To Disable Downloading Invoices
In 12.0.37, we added the ability to download invoices from Sage 100 using the Sage 100 Connector. As an oversight, we didn't include the option to not download invoices, so this adds that functionality in.
11835436 - Shopify Sales Order Line Discounts Not Coming Down
Orders generated in Shopify with a Discount were not coming down to BirdDog with a discount when using the Shopify Connector.
11836230 - Updated the Shopify Connector to use API version 2020-10
Shopify only supports APIs for a year, so as of this build, we updated the Shopify Connector to use the Shopify API 2020-10.