Bug Fixes: Version - Released 26 July 2016

This build has the following bug fixes implemented:
6996551 - Switching Customers in Customer Service Order Entry Doesn't Update Item Prices
If you changed customers in Customer Service | Order Entry, the prices of items already in the cart did not get updated to the new customer's prices (price codes).
7133760 - Unable to Place order with 3rd Party Billing if Customer has Only 1 Saved 3rd Party Acct #
Occuring only when third-party collect account number information was present in our customer service module, a minor coding conflict was causing the Place Order button to be disabled.
7500992 - Box Dimensions of BOM Components Not Included in Rating Freight
The box dimensions for BOM components were not being included in freight rating for BOM items with the "Package as Components" box checked. This was failing in both Enterprise & Enterprise for Windows.
8073005 - eBizCharge Charges Incorrect Amount For Back Orders
When an order amount was changed due to a back order, eBiz was not recognizing the new amount when the CC captures.
8183532 - Add better error logging to Credit Card Authorization / Capture process
Under the hood coding changes that return better data for errors, thus making it easier to troubleshoot..
8317997 - Checkout Page Throws Error if *'s in Credit Card Number
This was only occuring is asterisks were present in a credit card number, which was problematic if a customer was using a saved CC number (which, necessarily, was hiding the actual number for security purposes.)
8542505 - Rounding Weirdness Causing Trouble With Order Weight Trigger
Decimals in item weight(s) was causing rounding issues for various Order Rules when they used the Order Weight trigger.
8550647 - Check Out Page Not Refreshing Correctly When Switching Between Shipping Addresses
When a customer with multiple saved shipping addresses changed between them, the actual shipping methods were showing incorrect labels and were defaulting to the first method in the list, even though it was correctly calculating proper charges.
8665661 - Guest Customer Can Get Assigned to a New User
If a person has a cart that is assigned to the Guest C# and allows the site timeout but then goes back to the site, the cart assigned to the Guest Customer Number was still there instead of being cleared out. This allowed that customer to go to the Login page and create a new User.