The BRAIN CRM Inbox is built to alert you of new tasks, projects, opportunities or support incidents (depending on your industry) and allow you to process them accordingly. Some may only require a quick reply while others may require a 'next action' whithin your workflow. Whatever the case, BRAIN CRM is built to enhance awareness and streamline efficiency.

Quick Tips on Processing Your Inbox

The basic idea is to firewall processing as a discrete phase you go through no more than every hour or two at the most. For God’s sake, don’t live in your Inbox if there’s any way you can avoid it.
Processing determines as quickly as possible what, if anything, to do with each piece (in ascending order of urgency and importance):
  • delete it
  • archive it
  • defer it for later response
  • generate an action from it
  • respond to it immediately (if it—literally—will take less than 2 minutes or is so Earth-shattering that it just can’t wait)
Then as often as time allows, return to the

 response and action

task categories and crank through as many replies and complete (or generate) as many todos as possible.
The critical point, as ever, is to focus on action and not on the administration and housekeeping. If the action is just a response,respond. If it requires more than a return, either do it or get it in your “next actions” and keep moving.