Bug Fixes - Version 10.5.26 - Released 22 December 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11828721 - ContactForm Email Column Does Not Show Email
In BRAIN, searching the Contacts would return them, but the name of the contact was being populated where the email should be. Now, we're back to showing the email like we should.
11831482 - Item Import Unavailable When PIM is Licensed
When the Product Information Management (PIM) license is set to True and the Imports license is set to False, Item Import was unavailable. We made a number of tweaks as a result of this: removed BRAIN license requirement for import contacts in Enterprise for Windows and Enterprise so customers can import enterprise/employee users (Enterprise and EntWin); switched import Items to Web categories to use PIM license instead of Website and Intranet Builder license (Enterprise only, EntWin was correct); added import items to PIM license (Enterprise only, EntWin was correct); added Assets and Depreciation license to import assets (Enterprise only import)