New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
  • 4889266 - Order Pick Put on Hold Reason
    • This feature now identifies the reason an order is put on hold. Previously, this would print a report on why an order was not going to print every time Print Pick Tickets was ran. It now puts the order on hold with the appropriate reason so the Sales Manager can review the order using the On Hold Orders report in Customer Service.
  • 6378399 - My Account Settings
    • This feature adds certain options on the Ecommerce tab of Site Settings that will grant web administrators further tools to determine what elements a customer sees when they login. If customers should not be able to change a shipping address, for example, or see old invoices, you can lock that part of the site down.
  • 6511311 - Add Calculated Discount Property to Order Entry
    • Added Discount_Percent_Calculated to ICartLine and IOrderLineBase (IOrderLine and IInvoiceLine can use it) - If Discount_Percent is not zero, returns Discount_Percent; otherwise returns discount from the original unit price to the current price. Purpose of this new value is to support Invoice layouts that display List Price, Discount, and Net Price.
  • 6516243 - Order Entry Add Ship To Via Order Info
    • Ship To addresses can be added and saved on the Order Entry screen. Once saved, they can be used in later, successive orders for this customer.