Reading the revenue recognition report

When something goes awry during the revenue recognition process it writes information to the bdaccesscontroltrx table, but it also dumps relevant information to a txt file.
The text file is in the directory with the software that runs the revenue recognition process, and it formatted like this:

When available a card number and trxid (the ID column of bdaccesscontroltrx) will be recorded, to indicate the matching database row.

Reasons why revenue wasn't recognized:
issue: no customer info found from card, cusno used  01000
This means that a customer number couldn't be found for card to be recognized. If '01000' or something isn't there, then that customer number was blank.
This customer number comes from the sale of the original card as recorded in the bdaccesscontrol table.
If there was no customer number there, then the 'cusnowhenscan' column from the cards code is used (bdaccesscontrolcode.cusnowhenscan), if it exists.

issue: problem with item number on trx
Similar to above. This means an item_no couldn't be found to revenue recognize against.
This is the itemnowhenscanned column on bdaccesscontrolcode, or from bdaccesscontrolcodemultiscan table.

issue: no item xyz found for location abc
This means that the expected item_no and macola location it was trying to use to recognize revenue, weren't in the system and couldn't be found in macola.