How do I turn off Authorize.Net email receipts going to my customer?


One of the things we never want to see is the Client’s customers receiving an email receipt from the Gateway.  BirdDog Web sites are designed to send a confirmation email to the customer providing them with a complete order detail.  For the layman or typical internet user, receiving both emails may give the appearance of being billed twice for the same transaction.


BirdDog web site confirmation emails appear to be sent from the company the merchandise was actually purchased from (i.e. an order from BirdDog Software Corporation sends an email from the domain).  This greatly reduces any potential confusion.  However, the default settings for an Authorize.NET account sends a confirmation email as well.  To disable this feature, use the following steps:


  • Go to  Select Account Login | Merchant Login.

  • Enter the Login ID and Password.

  • Select Account | Settings.

  • Select "Email Receipt".

  • Under “Enable Email Confirmation”.  Unselect both checkboxes.

  • Click "Submit".