1. Do our tax quotes write back to the sales tax field in the Order? Yes.
  2. Can a CSR pull up the order in Order Entry and see the quote? As long as you don't edit the order and stick to Viewing it, yes. Editing the order will reset tax to $0.00.
  3. Can a button be placed on the OE screen that launches our invoicing module and auto-populate the order # to print acknowledgment? Yes, using Flexibility (a vb script system that works inside Macola.)
  4. What happens if the connector cannot locate an address to calculate tax? For example, if we have data where the ship to only includes city state and zip. We log an error and zero tax is returned.
  5. How does this handle partial shipments? Order Acknowledgement will estimate tax for the entire order. Actual tax is calculated on shipping items at the point that they are invoiced.
  6. What about Down Payment applications? This has no effect on taxes.
  7. How about Invoice Only invoicing? I-Type Orders will be taxed just like O-Type orders at the point they are invoiced.
  8. Can I use a tax schedule? Outside of the hard-coded Canada tax schedule discussed in the Configuration section, tax schedules are not supported.


A common question that comes up with AvaTax is this: why doesn't the tax on my invoice match what I expect it to be or what [Other Software] says it should be? The answer to this is equally simple: while using AvaTax, BirdDog doesn't calculate taxes; Avalara does. If the tax on the invoice is wrong, that either means we sent them incorrect data or AvaTax calculated it incorrectly (which is unlikely.)

We recommend taking the following steps to troubleshoot tax inconsistencies:

  1. Enter an order
  2. Select it for billing
  3. Print the invoice and confirm that it printed correctly
  4. Login to the AvaTax console and review the invoice to determine what is incorrect

This should allow you to determine why your tax is different from what it should be.