Bug Fixes - Version 10.4.20 - Released 5 August 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
9643376 - Document "Cash No" on Order Audit Report
Added a tooltip to the Cash No column on the order audit report identifying that it is the Cash G/L Account No. The audit report in question is accessed via the Order Form for an open order.
11826580 - Saved MasterCard Information on Manage Credit Cards Page Needs More Space for Legibility
When logged into Ecommerce as customer and reviewing Manage Credit Cards, the label for MasterCard is smashed together with the **** of the card number & looked terrible. In fact, the entire Manage Credit Cards page (/_Secure/CreditCards.aspx) seemed to be too narrow and didn't make good use of space.
11827801 - Order Edit Page Width Preventing Price Changes
A previous build created a bug that resulted in the system being unable to properly edit the price on line item when using order edit page; a user was only able to use the arrow options to increase or decrease by dollar increments.
11828431 - Changing Customer Information on Website Changes Macola Customer Account Status
If a customer's status was set to "Inactive" in Macola and the customer info was then edited in ecommerce, the status was being changed back to "Active".
11828720 - CartForm Discount Shows 0%
The cart was erroneously showing a 0% discount when it should have simply hidden then; it was supposed to only show a discount when there actually is a discount.
11828940 - System Management Term Codes Label Should be Terms Codes
Fixed a label typo.