How do I create a Hyper Link column?


To create a Hyper Link column requires a small amount of code that looks like the following:

    Protected Sub UltraWebGrid_InitializeRow(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Infragistics.WebUI.UltraWebGrid.RowEventArgs) Handles uwgReport.InitializeRow

    End Sub

Within this routine, you will need to set the Target URL of the column you want to be a Hyper Link

        e.Row.Cells.FromKey("home").TargetURL = "homes.aspx"

To create a link that contains a value from another cell in the row

        e.Row.Cells.FromKey("Description").TargetURL = "SomePage.aspx?ID=" & e.Row.Cells.FromKey("Loc").Value

To create a link to an external page and open in a new window, use the @

        e.Row.Cells.FromKey("show").TargetURL = "@"

To create a link to an internal page that opens inside a frame called menu, use @ with brackets []

        e.Row.Cells.FromKey("job").TargetURL = "@[menu]jobMenu.aspx"