Where Should I Make Changes to be Synced


Sometimes there's confusion as to where you should make changes so they sync correctly.  You make a change on your enterprise site and you don't see the change on the www site right away like you expect.

Typically, most changes should be done on the enterprise site.  Most likely, the problem you're seeing is that there are many things (like order rules) that only sync with the "All Tables Changes" job that typiaclly only runs once a day (2AM).  If you make changes that you need to sync up right away, do the following after you make the change.

Go to System Management>Automation>Jobs
Click the Edit icon for "Sync 2.3: All Tables Changes"
Click the green "Save and Execute Job" icon
This will run that job one time (takes about a minute to start the job)

If you don't see the change on the www site
after the job runs, do the following:
Login to the www site
Go to System Management>System>Site Settings
Click the "Reload Site Settings" icon
This will clear the site's cache and you should then see your changes.
You may have to click F5 on the page to reload it and clear out the old info.

The exception to making changes on the enterprise site is if you're making a change to site settings for the www site.  In that case, I would actually do it on the www site.  Make sure to click the "Reload Site Settings" icon after you save your changes.  This will allow your changes to take effect immediately.