How do I process billing normally?


When orders are placed on your site you will need to fulfill them and let the site know what you shipped so it can invoice the customer and charge their Credit Card.

  • Click Account
  • Click Billing
  • Click Process Orders
  • Click the Order Number of the order youre ready to process
  • Verify that the Order has the correct shipping quantity.  If not, click "Edit Order" below the total dollars amount of the order
  • Change Qty To Ship to match the number you are actually shipping
  • Click "Save"
  • Click "Print Order Acknowledgement" if you want to print a copy of the order
  • Close the browser window that has the order details in it
  • Once you have verified the orders you want to process, select them (click the check box in the Select column) and click "Select" (This marks the Orders as Select)
  • Select the orders you want to capture payment for and click "Capture" (This Captures the money for any Credit Card Orders)
  • Select all orders in the list and click "Invoice" (This marks the Orders as Invoiced and emails an Invoice to Customers set to get email Invoices, which is the default)
  • Select all orders in the list and click "Post" (This puts the invoice in history, and marks the orders as Booked, if it had any Back Orders)