Setting Up Autoship in Enterprise

Configuration Guide

To get Autoship setup and running properly you will need to perform the following actions

  1. Create Ship Frequency Groups
  2. Setup a job to automate generation of new autoship orders
  3. Enable items for autoship
  4. Ensure the Site Settings is set up for Auto Ship

Create Ship Frequency Groups

These groups allow a customer to select what frequency they want the item to automatically ship on. For example, :

  1. Go to System Management > Inventory > Ship Frequency Groups
  2. Click Add
  3. Name this Group something appropriate
  4. Add Detail - you will need to add as many Details as is appropriate for the number of options that are available. All of these options will show on an item that is set to use this particular frequency group.
    • Name: This is customer-facing, so name this particular frequency something appropriate. For example, Weekly Shipment or Monthly Shipment.
    • Display: Check this if you want the customer to actually see this option. It is automatically checked by default. This is useful if you need to hide a frequency. For example, if you wanted to stop allowing shipping an item every two weeks but did not want to delete that option entirely, this is how you would go about doing that.
    • Sort Order: Use this to determine what order your available ship options will show up as. For example, if you want Weekly to always appear above Monthly, give your Weekly detail a lower number. If left blank, this will sort alphabetically.
    • Frequency: Select the appropriate name you want to be available to ship.
    • Frequency Detail: According to the Frequency selected above, the next field changes. A monthly frequency allows you to select the day of the month you want the shipment to go out, while a weekly frequency allows you to select the day of the week, and so on.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your setup, click Save.
  6. Depending upon your setup, you may need to create multiple groups. For example, if one class of items only allows a Monthly autoship option but another allows Monthly and Weekly, two different frequency groups are necessary.

Edit the Item

  1. Go to Warehouse Management | Items
  2. Search for and Edit the item
  3. On Item Setup, select the appropriate Ship Frequency Group that will be available for this item.
  4. Also on Item Setup, add a Ship Frequency Price; if left blank, this will default to normal pricing, but if populated, an item that is ordered using Autoship will use the new price instead. This is for those scenarios where an item regularly costs $50 but if a customer has it automatically re-ordered each month (for example), it only costs them $30.
  5. Save

Edit Site Settings

  1. Go to System Management | Site Settings
  2. Select the appropriate Site Setting
  3. Click on Order Settings
  4. On the right, under Auto Ship, input a specialized name for your Auto Ship system and select the appropriate email template for order confirmations
  5. Save and then Reload Site Settings

Create the Job

To ensure a BirdDog website properly autoships, you will need to:

  1. Go to System Management > Automation > Jobs
  2. Click on the Add Job button
  3. Select Autoship and Add.
  4. Set the User ID (which is a GUID) of the User to notify.
  5. Schedule the job according to how frequently you want it to run (for example, every hour or at a certain time each day.)
  6. Save. When this job runs, it will automatically generate new orders according to the frequency group you set up earlier at the appropriate time.