Bug Fixes - Version 10.4.6 - Released 2 July 2020

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
11824667 - M1 Connector is Overwriting Item Long Descriptions
M1 items have a Long Description text (plain) and RTF (rich text format field). The plain text version was mapped to BirdDog's Long Description which is an HTML field, but since these don't really match, we removed the mapping.
11827303 - Mass Edit Feature Not Functioning Correctly to Copy Down Audience
When clicking "Copy Down" via website management, the site told you that it is complete ... but it didn't actually do anything.
11827306 - Keyword Search Pulls Up Audience-Specific Info When It Shouldn't
Using the Search Keywords functionality was returning results from an incorrect audience; you could not navigate to those pages, which is correct, but you should not have been seeing them at all.
11827655 - Sales Location DDL Being Ignored During Order Entry
If the Sales Location DDL on the Logistics tab is populated, the system is supposed to pull items from that over the Default Location on the Item Setup tab. Prior to this build, it was ignoring Sales Location entirely.
11827776 - Customer Address Not Pushing Up to M1 Order
M1 creates a ship to record with a blank location code for each customer. This is where the order pulls the address from. We were not creating this record. Also, we were not downloading or upload Customer Ship Tos at all; we were not defaulting the Accounting Contact, Quoting Contact, and Shipping Contact from the customer; we were also not setting the Ship Location if the order used a different ship to address.