How do I manually authorize and capture a credit card transaction


It’s inevitable. There will always be that client who chooses to manually process a credit card instead of using BirdDog’s Credit Card Deluxe. It’s a hard row to hoe, but they want to do it anyway. So here is a “How to” or maybe we should call it a “Where to go”…

We’ll start here:

Select the Merchant Login link in the upper right hand corner.

A new window will pop up. The new window is a “secure” site. You should see an SSL certificate (the little yellow lock) and the URL should start with HTTPS. ( ) If you don’t see both of these things, you’re in the wrong place.

Login using your account credentials.














Now that you are logged in, select the “Unsettled Transactions” link under New Search.


Without BirdDog’s Credit Card Deluxe module, you’re going to spend a lot of time on this page so let’s take a good look at it.



You may notice that Authorize.NET has made some changes and tried to make this process a little less painful.

You can select all unsettled transactions by: 1. Payment method 2. Transaction Status 3. Or both

If you aren’t sure what transaction statuses there are, here is a list that Authorize.NET provides. I told you they were trying to make it a little less painful.



You can further narrow your search down by annotating more specific information in the “Optional Search Criteria” pain. Oops, I meant “pane”, in the “Optional Search Criteria” pane. Once you’ve entered all of the search criteria, select the “Search” button and let’s keep moving.


What you get back is a list of all of the “Unsettled Transactions” on your account according to the filters you set. Locate the transaction you wish to capture or void and select the Trans ID in the left side of the page.


Once you have found and selected the transaction you want to address, you have the option to Capture or Void the transaction.


After you select the “Capture” button, you will see a separate window pop up. This is the PNR. (Point of No Return) Once you agree to the dollar amount and select “OK”, the transaction is sent to your Processor.
















You will be returned a Transaction Status window with the results of your efforts. Select “Close”
















Now your Transaction is “Captured” and “pending “Settlement”. Now it’s all up to your Processor to put take the money from one Bank and place in Your Bank. (This just cost me $2.00)