Printing With a Crystal Report Invoice


BirdDog Cash now allows you to print a Crystal Report invoice from the system instead of using the standard receipt printer. Some setup is required:

  • In the folder where the Cash files are stored, there is now a Reports folder. By default, the standard Invoice.rpt file that will be used is present but if you have a modified or customized report you want to use, put it here and overwrite the existing one.
  • Login to Cash as an admin
    • Click on System Menu
    • On Primary (0), change Receipt Printer to whatever your non-receipt printer is going to be (for example, your LaserJet printer.)
    • Click on Admin (80)
    • Double-click on Maintain Settings
      • Expand Environment tab
      • Click on Output tab
      • Ensure all Printer dropdowns are correct according to what you want to use.
      • ReceiptPrinterIsReceiptPrinter radio button should be set to False. NOTE: This should only be set to False if the printer is not a receipt printer; if it is, it has to be set to True.
      • Save
    • Exit the program and restart.

At this point, when you use Cash, it should automatically utilize this Crystal Report invoice for printouts instead of a receipt.