Upgrade Notes

  • Requires .Net 4.5.1 be installed. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40773
  • Requires new Infragistics DLLs. Must delete old ones first. http://www.birddogsw.com/images/CLR4-Infragistics4.zip
  • In IIS, edit the Application pool for the site so it runs in .NET Framework v4.x, then recycle that application pool
  • Remove all BirdDogSoftware.Globe.* files
  • If upgrading from 9.1, all software in production will need to be at least version; if upgrading from 9.5, all software in production will need to be at least version
  • In all cases, the following procedure should be used:
    1. Install a staging version of Enterprise Windows runing the latest release of 9.8.0 or later
    2. Run the Field Conversion process (Enterprise for Windows | Processes | Fields | Convert Old Field Data)
    3. Update your staging web site and verify that everything looks correct - any changes made to fields on this site may be lost during the next run of the field conversion
    4. Update all web sites, Enterprise for Windows, and Job Master
    5. Run the field conversion again to catch any Field / Entity changes that occured since the previous conversion
  • There needs to be at least one Freight Pay Code setup in System Manager | Site Settings | Ecommerce | Freight Pay Codes.