Bug Fixes: Version - Released 14 December 2019

This build has the following bug fixes implemented: 
10433578 - Update Capture Credit Card Process to Use Customer Credit Cards
Prior to this change when capturing credit card orders during the end of day the system only looked at credit card transactions against the order. Now if you have a credit card order that has no credit card transactions the system will attempt to use a saved credit card from the customer, if it has one.
11008031 - Not Handling Terms Correctly
Customer Service was only using the first credit card terms code in the list from site settings. If you placed an order using the 2nd credit card terms code, it didn't realize it was a credit card and processed the order without authing the card. This fix updated customer service to use the Is Credit Card flag on a terms code instead of using the credit card terms code list from site settings.
11452995 - CC Info Not Clearing on Enter Orders When Changing Customers
When switching between customers with a saved credit card while using Customer Service Order Entry, Credit card information was not properly clearing so we were seeing some (but not all) CC info for the previous customer on the new one.