New Features

This branch has the following features implemented: 
8273770 - Create UI for Paying Open Invoices Through Ecommerce / Enterprise
Add ability to pay open invoices via credit card to Ecommerce and Customer Service - Ecommerce customers now have the ability to enable their site to take payments on open invoices with a credit card. Customer Service customers have the ability to enable their CSRs to take payments against open invoices as well. Both systems allow the use of a new or on-file credit card.
11259571 - Upload Tracking Info to Woo
Orders generated on WooCommerce and brought down via the WooCommerce Connector can have a tracking number assigned to it in BirdDog (or the local ERP that you're working with), and then invoiced/posted; when pushed back up to Woo, the tracking number is sent as well. WooCommerce does not support tracking numbers out of the box so the display of these values will require an enhancement on your WooCommerce site. See here for a more technical explanation.
11824779 - Convert Inbox to React
Continuing progress in our march toward web-next, BirdDog Software's next generation tech stack built with a Reason/React UI using Material-UI component toolkit and a GraphQL back-end.
11830866 - Enhance Country Name and ISO Code Handling
Improvements to our .Net and json APIs to better notate the difference between country name and country ISO code.
11836199 - Tax Schedule Field Lengths Need To Be Extended for BirdDog Engine
Tax code length is now 15 and tax schedule is 10.
11836345 - Woocommerce Connector Broken Rules Name is required
WooCommerce does not require a first and last name for users, but until this build, the WooCommerce Connector required them to properly download orders.
11836347 - Woocommerce Connector - No Account Setting For Guest Orders
WooCommerce allows guest orders. In the scenario where you had the system configured to create customers using the next customer number, there was no ability to set the guest customer number on the WooCommerce Connector which we still needed for guest orders. Now, Guest Customer Number option always shows.
11836352 - Major Enhancements to WooCommerce Connector
We made a number of improvements to this functionality:
  • We now download items from WooCommerce using the WooCommerce Connector and create linkages for any that already exist on the first run.
  • We now download customers from WooCommerce and create linkages to any contacts that already exist.
  • If you have an invalid password on the connector account, the error message is no longer an awful call stack.
  • If you enter a dumb url like for a WooCommerce site, you get a better error message.
  • Updated the pricing system to use the Macola ES default currency instead of throwing a nasty "CurrencyCode is required for Macola ES" error message.
  • Fixed the issue where a single customer can be linked to multiple users causing the need for a customer/item price code to be uploaded multiple times.
  • Duplicate key exception is now more non-developer friendly.