Version - Released 15 Oct 2014

Tuesday October 28 2014


This build has the following features implemented:

  • 1853503 - Polish Product Category Price Code Editor with New Format
    • With this build, we completely rebuilt the price code system. It now includes the ability to add quantity rates for each iteration of the price code.
  • 4654312 - Support for Multiple Item Images
    • This feature allows you to add an unlimited number of images to an item and then have them display on the item form. With this, you can show multiple sides of an item instead of just a single, static image.
  • 6299258 - Add Server and Database name to Global Settings
    • The addition of the server name and the database is principally a troubleshooting tool as it allows us to quickly identify what database is causing the trouble and where it is located.

This build has the following bug fixes:

  • 6059296 - European Date Format Conflicting with Database
    • Differing cultures and date formats were causing sites to not start as our software was expecting American date format.
  • 6185909 - Changing Finance Charge G/L Account in Global Settings Not Saving
    • As stated in description. System now saves the changes instead of resetting it back to before.
  • 6206669 - Getting Access is Denied Due to Invalid Credentials When Logging In
    • Due to some coding errors, certain credentials were not being accepted as valid when trying to log in.
  • 6234085 - Adding Item to Web Page Corrupts the Long Description
    • When you added an item to a page and saved, the long description was transformed into what looked like a line of gibberish which made the page incomprehensible. It no longer does this.
  • 6243636 - Site Settings for Home Page Not Being Properly Detected
    • Sites were using the default home page code, even when it was set to a different web site code in site settings.
  • 6272613 - Item Import Not Importing Lead Time
    • Even when the lead time was set in the import file, the system ignored this during import.
  • 6296899 - Enlarge Image Option Missing on Categories Page
    • This option was not successfully merged into 9.6.4 so it was missing.
  • 6316215 - Order Import has Difficult w/Very Large Orders
    • Orders that had a large number of item lines was problematic as it progressively required more and more memory until it the system was broughtt to a complete halt. This system has now been optimized.
  • 6322701 - Invalid Response Code Error from Capturing Credit Cards Doesn't Identify Which Code
    • changed some of their response codes which, as a result, caused some trouble during authorizing or capturing credit cards. We've brought our system into line with their codes.