Version - Released 23 Feb 2015

Tuesday February 24 2015

This build has the following features implemented:


This build has the following bug fixes:

  • 6196524 - Freight Still Rates Despite Being Turned Off in Site Settings
    • When the "Calculate Freight" option in Site Settings was turned off, not only does the Rate Freight button on the checkout page disappear, but the freight should not rate at all (presuming a valid shipping service and method is in the system.) Prior to this build, the Rate Freight button vanished correctly but the system was still trying to rate which was causing complications with logging.
  • 6366361 - Cannot Save Customer That Has Invalid Zip Code
    • In previous iterations of the software, a wildly inaccurate zip code could be added to a customer and the system would allow. Now, if the zip code uses a completely invalid format (insufficient number of numbers, for example), the change input on the customer is not accepted and you are flagged that it is wrong.
  • 6424603 - Error With Revision When Copying Security Roles
    • An error sometimes occurred when making a system level adjustment to security roles.
  • 6513562 - Multiple Workflow Tasks Being Generated
    • During the service process, Job Master was creating multiple tasks for Workflow projects when it should have only been creating a single task.
  • 6526777 - USPS Tracking Number Sending To FedEx
    • On the order form, a U.S. Postal Service tracking number took you to FedEx's "FedExTrack" page. We've fixed that.
  • 6633003 - Qty to Ship Header on OrderForm Wrong
    • This is a tooltip clarification to add more specificity.
  • 6664980 - Ordered By EMail Populating Incorrectly
    • Prior to this build, the Ordered By field would sometimes populate incorrectly with data from a previous customer, but only in certain scenarios. We have resolved this issue.
  • 6677882 - Posting Drops Comments on I-Type Orders
    • When using the Process Order feature, line and order comments were both being dropped from I-Type orders when they became Invoices.