Setup PayPal Account Information

Jim Linger Wednesday December 21 2011

  • Before setting up PayPal in Enterprise, make sure you have created your PayPal API Account.
  • Dashboard | System Management | System | Payment Gateways.
  • Click Add Payment Gateway.
    The following page appears:
  • Description - Enter "PayPal".
  • Gateway Drop Down - Select "PayPal".
  • Market Type - Select "eCommerce".
  • Login ID - PayPal API login ID.
         **This IS NOT your regular PayPal account login ID.**
  • Password - PayPal API password.
         **This IS NOT your regular PayPal account password.**
  • API Signature - PayPal API signature.
  • Test Transactions- Not supported in current version.
         **Leave Unchecked for Live Sites.**
  • Test Account - Check to process transactions in the PayPal Sandbox (for testing).
         **Leave Unchecked for Live Sites.**
  • Save