Getting Started


Files you should have:

  • The install package for BirdDogCash.
  • Possibly a .zip file with the latest version of all the files needed for BDCash.
  • A BirddogCashoptions.cfg file for your company.

Things to determine before setting up BirdDog Cash.

  • Database information: server name, database name, type of database, username/password if necessary.
  • Macola ES or not?
  • What Macola location will BDCash be using as its 'default' location?
  • What Tax code will BDCash be using as its 'default' to calculate tax rates?
  • What is the default ship via code for customers purchasing things with the POS. (A 'customer pickup' ship via).
  • What Macola customer account is going to be used for the 'cash customer' (the default customer) in BDCash?