Capture Process Not Finding Order to Capture


You run the "Capture Selected Orders" process (Enterprise for Windows>Processes>Credit Cards>Capture Selected Orders) and the order you're trying to capture does not show on the report.  This indicates that the order did not meet certain requirements needed and therefore, was not sent to your credit card processor to capture.

Below are requirements necessary for capturing.

  • Order is selected.  See Order Status Codes
  • Order Type is O.
  • Order has a credit card transaction OR the customer has saved credit cards
  • Total Selected is > $0.00
  • If Progression, then existing payment count = 0 (Progression only allows a single o/e cash payment against an order per g/l account)
  • If ES, then Payment Amount < Total Selected
  • Order terms code is marked as Credit Card.  See Credit Card Terms Code Setup