Version - Released 10 Dec 2014

This build has the following features implemented:

  • 5549067 - Add Terms Code, Amount, Customer Balance and ability to search by date to On Hold Orders report
    • This enhances the Orders On Hold report so it is now shows additional information as well as adding a filter for searching by date.

This build has the following bug fixes:

  • 5322909 - Orders On Hold Due to Specific Rule Generating Unnecessary Amount of Audit Records
    • Prior to this fix, orders that are on hold because of a specific order rule - in this case, it had a Ship To State trigger - was generating a new audit logging error every time Job Master ran (which was every 5 seconds.)
  • 6329333 - Guest Customers Being Charged Tax
    • This fixed an issue where guest customers used the tax code for the Guest customer instead of looking at the shipping address and using appropriate tax codes/schedules.
  • 6333636 - Job Master Send Email job Throwing Error on Some Queries
    • When a send email job was created, an error was being thrown instead of the email being sent. This has been resolved.
  • 6384218 - Object Reference Error When Converting Cart to Order When Customer has Invalid Customer Type
    • The above description explains the problem perfectly. As of this build, the software handles this much better.
  • 6374751 - Problems w/ Event Registration on IPhone & Android
    • When using cell phones (iPhones and Androids), the event registration process would not allow a customer to actually checkout.
  • 6398352 - Update DHL API URL
    • Some of our code was still pointing to an older API URL. That has now been fixed.
  • 6420930 - Ship Via Code Not Rating Causing Site Error
    • When trying to checkout, a ship via code not rating was causing a site crash. That has now been fixed.
  • 6422304 - Index was outside the bounds of the array When Testing Campaign.aspx
    • This error was being generated when the email server information in the global settings was blank. The real problem here is that this error was very non-specific and did not help identify exactly what the problem was. We've adjusted the code so it is much easier to identify and resolve the problem.
  • 6441861 - Required to Add Feature Item Even Though Req'd Isn't Checked
    • This bug made it a requirement to add certain feature options on feature items, even when those options should not have been required.
  • 6492834 - Global Settings Label is Wrong
    • Typo. A word was misspelled on a label.
  • 6535521 - User Login Matching Specific Criteria Causing Site Error
    • The particular customer assigned to this user was using a new pricing basis - Flat Discount Amount - that was not previously handled properly. As a result, the customer was getting a site error when he logged into his site and was unable to proceed forward.