Enterprise for Windows


The following Settings are needed for Credit Card Deluxe (System | Maintain Settings)

Select System | Email | SMTPServer.  On this screen fill in the information that is requested.  The information that is provided here will allow the program to send out various other emails, such as Unable to Pick Notifications, Re Order Notifications From, and will give the user the ability to send to BirdDogSW error messages that are contained in the log.  Some of this information you may need to get from IT department.


Now click on Picking sub-tab to be able to fill in and email address that would receive emails when printing a Pick Ticket does not occur.  If this does happen and you do not understand the information contained within the email, please forward the email to Support@BirdDogSW.com 

Now click on Freight | CC Authorize. Here, you will see an option select either True or False under Authorize Order Total. The True option means the sub-total will be the ordered amount, while False means the sub-total will be the shipping amount. So, for example, if a customer orders 10 widgets, but you're only sending them 8, the sub-total will naturally be different.

How is the Total Authorize amount calculated?

The auth is the sum of sub-total, freight, tax,  and misc. Tax will depend on if you are using AvaTax or not, sub-total is based on the setting above, and freight amount will be based on settings that are already documented above.