Bug Fixes: Version - Released 13 May 2016

Friday May 13 2016

ThisĀ build has the following bug fixes implemented:
All bug fixes fromĀ have been integrated into this build.

2177011 - Support SSL Across Entire Site
The existing site setting for this feature was renamed to SSL Everywhere and the website now automatically redirects to https if that setting is enabled. If your SSL certificate is not setup, enabling this option will make the site inaccessible so make sure to get the SSL cert ready first.
6067214 - New CusNo Generated from Enter Orders Throwing DatabaseException
When using the BirdDog engine, we were experiencing difficultly generating new customer numbers from an order.
6269483 - Enable the enabling / disabling of controls on the checkout page
Originally added in 9.6.4, this project added some fixes for handling the Customer PO required option.
6349256 - Order process not allowing TEST for a PO
Coding alterations to the customer edit page, the checkout page, and site settings to allow the option to show or hide a customer-specific PO number on new orders. A customer can now be required to add such a number.
6590590 - Unknown Shipping Method should not throw error
When using Flat Rate Add Per Package or Shipment and not using an API the Shipper will be unkown. This is valid and shouldn't throw an error. We also updated Customer Service Order Entry to display actual error instead of 'Not Available'.
6594106 - Print/Email invoice does not work
Invoices were not actually being printed and/or emailed according to how they were set up on the customer. This was due to our revamping of the underlying code for delivery of invoices.
6755279 - ES changed ID from double to guid in item table
Updated system to handle data type change on IMItmIdx_sql.ID column.
6816439 - Long Content Page Loads & Stops Mid Page
Item pages that contain a lengthy "Long Description" were getting displayed in the middle of the page instead of going to the top once the page loads.
6959532 - Problem with Credit Memo when Qty Ordered doesn't match Qty To Ship
Allocations were being handled incorrectly when the quantity ordered was different than quantity to ship. This was only really happening in our Enterprise for Windows software.
7234638 - Crystal Report Invoice not found error is hard to understand
Running the Ent Win | Transactions | Invoicing | Process End of Day with an Order that has a Distribution Form with an invalid report name or where the Report Path is not setup correctly resulted in a baffling obscure error message. This has been adjusted to provide better information on what the issue is.
7720624 - Options on Site Settings Ecommerce tab Repeat on All Three Sub-Tabs
We were seeing a section appear multiple times on three different tabs when they were supposed to only appear on one tab.
7738565 - Missing Tooltip on Order Rule
The on-page documentation for all the Eval Method of order rules was absent.