According to Digital Commerce, Ecommerce is rapidly expanding. Companies are switching to online sales every day. Ecommerce is not only applauded, it’s expected. Ecommerce is critical to your company's success, and without it, you just might get swallowed up in the ever-expanding world marketplace. On this new frontier, it may seem daunting, with so many platforms to choose from. Why choose one over another? To solve this, Birddog Software supports multiple platforms. Each solving their own set of problems. 


Shopify is your most economically competitive ecommerce option. The monthly cost is a fraction of other eccomerce platforms. Simple is the the name of their game, and Shopify can be set up by an amateur. The other side of this coin, however, is a lack of easy customization. Without any former knowledge of Shopify's template language, Liquid, users will struggle to customize their store to their preferences. Shopify simply can't handle complicated eccomerce requirements, and is recommended for smaller businesses that need a simple online store.


Magento takes the opposite approach. Magento is open source, which allows their users to tailor their store to their exact requirements. When it comes to Ecommerce platforms, Magento supports a great deal of bells and whistles. These features are at the cost of complexity. Magento sites need constant maintenance to perform at their peak. Professional assistance is required to set up a Magento store. These expenses will run up the bill on a smaller company. Magento is recommended for a larger company whose needs cannot be met by a simple ecommerce platform such as Shopify.


WooCommerce fits between Magento and Shopify. Running open-source, WooCommerce has heavy customablility. The users will have total customization power over their online store. In order to use this, however, the must have in-depth knowledge of WordPress WooCommerce. Moreover, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, meaning it can only run on WordPress sites. This means that WooCommerce is a great fit for companies already running a WordPress site, as well as those who have web developers familiar with WordPress and WooCommerce.

 Birddog Ecommerce

BirdDog Software puts the power in the client's hands with robust out of the box configurability and a platform that supports unlimited customization. Like a nice suit, the users site can be tailored to them specifically. However, this customization is not at the expense of an easily operated website. Companies have the ability to set up a simple site with minimum costs and effort, and then customize that site to their heart's content. BirdDog Ecommerce supports an enterprise class Product Information Management and Content Magement System enabling your website's day to day operation to be managed by Marketing, not by IT. The sky is the limit.