Issue a Customer refund check

  1. Create a Credit Memo to the Customer's account (normally in Order Entry, but possibly in Accounts Receivable).
  2. Create a Debit Memo type Sales Transaction to the Customer's account. Apply To number would be the Credit Memo created in step 1. On Page 2 The Sales Distribution Account number will be the offset General Ledger Account going to a 'clearing account' for Customer Refunds.
  3. To issue a check you must create an Accounts Payable Vendor for this customer. After you have created a new Vendor record for the customer create a  a 'V' type Voucher for the refund amount. On page 2 enter Account a 'clearing account' for customer refunds.

In normal processing the 'clearing account' should balance to zero at the end of each month.

*NOTE: If an invoice, debit memo, or credit memo exists in a customer file that you desire to remove, then the appropriate offsetting document – using account numbers that will create the reversing distributions to offset the original document posted – will need to be processed and posted.