Place Order On Hold


There may be times when you want to place an order on-hold (or change the on-hold message).  There is an Order Rule Criteria called "Place On Hold".  If the conditions (Triggers) are met, this order rule will set the "On_Hold" flag and display your message as to the reason why.

There is a job in Job Master to go along with this.  It's used to automatically take orders off hold.  However, it will only take orders off hold that have the reason, "Not checked yet."  To use it, you must be licensed for and running Job Master.  The job is called "Process On Hold Orders".   FYI: It will not take the order off hold in the example below because the reason is, "Over $1000."

Example: Say you wanted to be notified about any order that's over $1000.00.

Create Order Rule (System Management | Order Rules):

  • Description: Order Over $1000
  • Eval Method: On Hold Status Change
  • Trigger
    • Desc: Amount Total
    • Criteria: 1000
  • Results
    • Desc: Place On Hold
    • Criteria: Over $1000
  • Save

Create Job (System Management | Jobs)

  • Job Type: Process On Hold Orders
  • Desc: Process on Hold Orders
  • Frequency: Once a minute
  • Save

Job Master must be turned on in Services

Now, any order that comes in with a total of over $1000 will be put on-hold with the message "Over $1000" after it is processed by the Order Rule.

For more information about Job Master, please contact your Project Manager or