Strategic Armory Corps


“We had five brands inherited through mergers with individual websites disconnected from each other and hosted on different platforms. In addition, our sites’ ecommerce stores were completely detached from our ERP and from each other. We were experiencing too much effort to manually transfer customer and order information, process payments, and process shipments. The previous setup allowed the creation of multiple accounts for many customers with no capability to merge them later, and orders were being cancelled because inventory and pricing data were not able to be maintained well.

When we had the opportunity to implement a new ERP, we also decided to redesign the workflow of our ecommerce experience. Finding ecommerce partners that already worked with our new ERP was challenging, and something we should have prioritized more during the ERP selection process.

After reviewing the possible options, BirdDog’s software offered us the most potential for our sales’ needs and for our future growth. Now our sites’ ecommerce stores are fully integrated into M1, customer setups and sales orders flow into the system automatically, customers can shop all brands with one cart, processing payments is simple, pricing is connected to the customer account type and not separately maintained, and inventory is real-time. We are able to add and remove items for sale quickly, and promotions have become easier to plan and execute. These have vastly reduced the effort needed to meet our customers’ demands.

BirdDog continues to help us add features specific to our industry and outside of our original scope. All implementations have issues, and the BirdDog development team’s responses to those issues are prompt. Their pricing is clear and not revenue based like the other options, and their customer service is one point of contact that is almost always available.”