Experience vs. Transaction

Monday January 16 2017


We’ve discussed in a previous blog how crucial Omnicommerce is in the success of your business. Whether you own a manufacturing, distribution, B2B or retail business, it’s more important than ever to reach your customers where they are.

Previously, we touched on some of the major aspects of Omnicommerce – the digital presence and transactional side of the integration. Lying on the other end of the spectrum is customer experience. You may have been hearing that OmniCommerce improves it. But, how? Keep reading to learn how Omnicommerce affects brand loyalty and your sales cycle.

 The objective of Omnicommerce is extending beyond a brand’s single realm. In other words, it allows the customers to guide their own data and experiences. Omnicommerce provides a more comprehensive, integrated shopping because it’s continually modifying it’s context in ways that are more pleasing (or convenient) to the customer.

 For instance, let’s say you found a pair of shoes you really liked and saved them to your online wish list. Once you leave the website and drive to the mall, the customer journey begins to fork. If your business doesn’t use Omnicommerce, your customer will divert because their information isn’t easily accessible. Now, you may find the shoes in store and purchase. Or, you may not. That’s the real guessing game. But, with Omnicommerce, you’re greatly increasing your chances of that sale. Not too shabby, huh?

The coordination of offline and online experience is the tipping point. As a business owner, you have the chance to get your customers more involved with your brand. When you build that relationship on trust and an identity they resonate with, you’ll be building business with them for the long run.

Another benefit of Omnicommerce is that it unifies and solidifies your marketing efforts. All your work will be coordinated around the same goals and tracked to every last detail. Also, with instant updates on inventory and sales, you’ll be able to view firsthand the impact of the integration.

With sales taking place both in the real world and the digital one, it’s more important than ever to line out multiple touch points. A sale isn’t finished when a customer purchases a product. It’s the experience they had with your brand that stays with them when they return home.


The ultimate goal of Omnicommerce is to foster brand loyalty within all stages of the customer journey, across all platforms. This increases convenience and personalization, providing an overall better experience for your customers. With this concentration shift, you may need a hand getting started. And for that, you have BirdDog Software. Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to help you become more successful by helping you reach every customer. Everyone. Everywhere. Every time.  (877) 794-5950