UpSell / CrossSell Problems Converting from 9.1 to 9.5/9.6

There was a change in the database table (BDItemUpsellLinks) from v9.1 to v9.5 & later.  V9.1 software was enhanced to take care of the problem of  UpSell/CrossSell items created in v9.5+ displaying on v9.1 sites.  However,  UpSell/CrossSell items created in v9.1 may not display properly on v9.5+ sites.
If you have a v9.5+ site that is not displaying UpSell/CrossSell items created in v9.1 correctly, please do the following:
On your v9.5+ site

Login in as Admin

Click on System Management tab

Click Reset Defaults

Select Converted old upsale/crosssale data to new upsale cross sale link

Click Delete

Restart site