I already have a website. Can I import my data or content from other websites?

Importing your own data is easy enough. Once we know what system you are currently using (i.e Sage, Quickbooks, Salesforce etc) we can provide you advice and guidance on what data you should bring over to our system and the best way to do it. We provide a simple import mechanism to quickly populate your system with your current information. You can import customers, products, images and variations into BirdDog Enterprise from a standard CSV (comma separate values) file. Most shopping carts support exporting in this format, and you can watch a video on our support page to see how easy it is to import into the BirdDog Enterprise.

Using content from other websites, however, is a bit more complicated. If you have the permission of the copyright owner or if you are absolutely sure the content is not subject to copyright, then using that information is fair game. In all other cases, copying content is illegal. The best advice is always to create your own content. If you really must quote from another site, then make sure you get the owner's permission first.