Allows for the creation of menus that are tied to a Web Category.

Use the following syntax:

<BDW:DynamicMenu ID="DynamicMenu1" runat="server" CSSClassPrefix="Menu" ShowSourceCategory="false" SourceCategory="" DividerImage="" LevelsToShow="2" />


CSSClassPrefix (String) - Name to prefix in front of each levels CSS Class name.  Default is Menu.  Gives CSS Class names like MenuLevel1, MenuLevel1Link, MenuLevel2, MenuLevel2Link

ShowSourceCategory (Boolean) - If set to True, puts the Source Category at the bottom of the list as a link

SourceCategory (Guid) - Web Category ID you wish to bind to.  If blank, uses the MainMenuCategory out of the Web.Config.  If both are blank, binds the control to the Root Categories.

DividerImage (String) - path to Image to use as a Divider between Categories

LevelsToShow (Integer) - Number of levels to include in the menu.  Supports up to 3.

RedirectFromSecure (Boolean) - If true (the default), sets the path up one directory level when the menu is displayed in the _Secure folder