How to obtain a developers key on

  • Go to  Select Account Login | Merchant Login.

  • Enter the Login ID and Password..

  • Select Account | Settings.

  • Select "API Login and Transaction Key".

  • Enter the Secret Answer that you created during your application process.

  • Your API Login and Transaction Key will display.  Please document it.

  • To disable the old transaction key, check the "Disable Old Transaction Key" box.
    Note: If the "Disable Old Transaction Key" box is not checked, the old transaction key will automatically expire in 24 hours.

  • Click "Submit".

Be sure to store the transaction key in a very safe place. Do not share it with anyone, as it is used to protect your transactions. The system-generated transaction key is similar to a password and is used to authenticate requests submitted to the gateway. If a request cannot be authenticated using the transaction key, the request is rejected. You may generate a new transaction key as often as you wish.